Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy‘s (“JGGD”) owner, entrepreneur Dawn Jump is a twenty-year veteran of artisan goat cheese processing and goat farmer with roots in Washington and Colorado. In JGGD’s early days in Washington, they produced 4,000 lbs. of cheese per year. When Dawn decided she needed to return home to her home state of Colorado, she enlisted the help of her seven brothers. Today, JGGD produces 200,000-250,000 lbs. annually.

Within minutes of the start of the day, a milk truck carrying thousands of pounds of goat milk purchased from Juniper Valley Dairy pulls into the loading dock and proceeds to transfer milk into a bulk tank. Pickups from Juniper Valley Dairy occur twice per week. This arrangement allows JGGD its production capacity and unmistakable flavor in manufacturing the best goat cheese in the region.



The secrets to great tasting cheese.

Quality, accountability and consistency are the secrets to great tasting cheese. Quality is our first product. All milk collected must come from goats that are certified 100% pure and natural, free from antibiotics and hormones.

Diligent record keeping on every goat is paramount. Information such as lineage, inoculations and milk production is plotted on each and every goat. Quality and quantity of milk is the number one priority of this dairy. Tracking the health of the goats makes a huge difference in the quality of the milk produced

This same consistent tracking follows the milk into the cheese making processes. Some of the best cheese has been aging in an underground cave for over three years now. Someday there will be ten year old cheddars, which requires regular turning and tending, a process the French call ”affineuring.”


goat cheese

Ever tried goat milk ice cream?

According to Dawn, it is delectably delicate, like gelato, floating like air on the palette. It is easily digestible, lower in fat, and great for those who are lactose sensitive. JGGD plans on implementing this new product line, with unique flavor selections being suggested and voted on by a community contest.

If your in to moist delicate bodied, spreadable cheese, try some Chèvre (French for goat).
Top sellers are “Chili Cumin Garlic,” 2nd Place award winner “lemon Dill,” and cranberry flavored “Cranny Nanny.”

For the ultimate in delectability Dawn’s Crème de la Chèvre has over seven cultures. That’s all the probiotic benefits of yogurt without the slimy, slick texture. Some of the more popular flavors include “High Altitude Honey,” “Blackberry,” and the seasonal holiday favorites “Peach,” “Pumpkin Spice,” and “Maple.”